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Caxambas Publishing Company was developed to document and promulgate the history of the Marco Island area.

Although modern Marco Island was developed in the early 1970's, few books, documents, or pamphlets had been published to record the island lore, its people, and  its unique early industry of fishing, farming and clamming industries.  The definitive book about  pioneer life on the island had yet to be written.

In 1989, many descendents  of early pioneers were still living in the area who could recall the struggle, hardships, and pleasures of daily life on Marco Island.

In the 1990's Caxambas Publishing interviewed many of these descendants and documented the stories that needed to be told. Two local history books soon followed, "A Girl Called Tommie", Queen of Marco Island and "Island Voices, They Came to Marco Island." These books  told island pioneer's stories ...often in their own words or words of their descendents.


The name Caxambas


Caxambas  was the name of Marco Island written on early Spanish sailing maps in the 1500's meaning a place to get fresh water.  Natural springs or surface pools of rain water were the source of life to Spanish  sailors and to the pioneers who began arriving after the Civil War. 


 Overtime the name was changed to Marco Island and the name Caxambas became attached to one of the three original settlements of the island: Marco, Goodland Point, and Caxambas.   When the Caxambas settlement was cleared for development in 1949, eighteen houses were moved overland to Goodland. The village and the name Caxambas fell into disuse.

The name Caxambas was chosen for this publishing company because of its meaningful place in our  history.

We hope you enjoy learning more about Marco Island's unique SW Florida history.